We are a modern japanese eatery. many of our signature dishes are cooked on our earthen konro grill over Binchō-tan. Binchō-tan is a type of high quality charcoal traditionally used in Japanese cooking, it produces an unparalleled flavour and aroma.


Melbourne, Australia



While our name Bincho Boss was born from the way we cook our dishes over Binchō-tan, our restaurant is inspired by the traditional alleyways of Tokyo, also known as ‘Yokocho’. These narrow alleys reveal the true experience of Japanese Izakayas, where locals meet to eat, drink and relax to escape reality in a casual, enjoyable atmosphere.

Our menu is created by multi-awarded Executive chef, Tomotaka Ishizuka and Head Chef Keiji Ishida.

Japanese food is refined and elegant, that celebrates and highlights the flavours, textures and colours of seasonal produce. At Bincho Boss, we serve authentic Japanese food in an Izakaya style setting with a focus on seasonal and fresh ingredients executed well. Most of our dishes are made to share amongst good company and can be paired with our curated cocktails and drinks menu.

If you’re not a boss now, you will be after joining us for a truly authentic Japanese experience. Enjoy.


REFINED casual Japanese dining, located in iconic lT bourke street, melbourne CBD.